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COVID Info for Classes

We follow all state and local regulations in regards to COVID. If there are any capacity limits that are announced, closures and cancellations will take place.

For those that are uncomfortable in any way attending an in-person class, we encourage you to sign up for one of our virtual courses in February & March.

You will be working in an environment similar to a restaurant where eating and drinking will take place so mask wearing is not required but suggested when walking around.

You will be filling out a COVID /health history form upon arrival. If you feel sick in the slightest, have had any symptoms of COVID in the 5 days before your class or come into contact with someone with COVID you will not be able to attend.

During the course of our class you will be able to enjoy our grazing table. Please use your own personal tongs that we will give you upon arrival to get your food. Hand Sanitizer will also be available upon arrival as well.

We appreciate your understanding as we work to make your class as safe as we can and may add or remove measures as guided by our state and company regulations.