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What the Cruff?!

What exactly is a cruffin, anyway?

Part Croissant

We use our buttery, flaky, handmade, expertly-layered, fresh croissant dough to build the cruffins' shape and texture

It's What's On the Inside That Counts

At least that's what our moms tell us. But it's definitely true for this pastry. From rich chocolate ganache, to flavored pastry creams and handmade fruit compote, to edible cookie dough or cheesecake, our cruffins are packed with fresh crave-worthy flavors that are sure to satisfy your sweet-tooth

Come Get'em

Since our cruffins are a local foodie favorite, they are often one of the first items to leave the bakery counter. Give us a like and a follow on Facebook or Instagram, and keep an eye on your feed. We update our social regularly with new flavors and specials! If you see one that you'd like to try, be sure to get here quick, and get your cruffin on before it's gone!

Part Muffin

To get that awesome crust and adorable shape, we bake the croissant dough in muffin tins!

Love at First Bite

When a pastry tastes this good, we think that the first impression should live up to the flavor. So, we make sure our pastries are dressed to impress. Whether it's house-made whipped cream, made-from-scratch marshmallows, or a fresh burst of fruit, our first-impression flavors will leave you wanting seconds.

Show Us Some #CruffinLove

We love to see those selfies! Feel free to snap those #crufflatte pics, strut your stuff with a #cruff, or gather 'round for a group pic with your #cruffincrew--- and be sure to tag us when you do! Whether you're giving us a shout-out on social, or writing a rave review, we truly appreciate the positive feedback from our friends and fans.

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