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Oceanfront- Virginia Beach

Our Original storefront has been serving up savories, sweets and more since 2017! This location offers breakfast sandwiches, full espresso bar, quiche, parfaits, breakfast specials, lunch specials and our full lunch menu in addition to all of our signature and special pastries! 

  • Address

    2708 Pacific Avenue, Virginia Beach VA 23451

  • Hours

    Tuesday- Saturday 7am-2pm. 

    Closed Sundays and Mondays

Ghent- Norfolk

Our new Norfolk location just opened this Summer 2022! It is very similar to our Oceanfront location in terms of offerings, except our Norfolk Ghent location does not offer full service lunch specials as this location does not have a kitchen! You can enjoy our breakfast sandwiches, parfaits, full pastry counter, cakes and sweets, full espresso & tea bar, grab n’ go salads, parfaits, Ham and Brie, Turkey Bacon Pesto Sandwiches and all of our whole cakes and quiches as well as by the slice!

  • Address

    340 W 22nd St. Norfolk VA 23517

  • Hours

    8am-2pm Tuesday – Saturday 

    Closed Sunday and Mondays

Holland Bakeshop- Not open to Public!

Our Holland bakeshop is where the magic happens! We bake all of our goodies here! This location is not open to the public except on specific holidays that we announce we are offering goodies! 

Want to avoid crowds and need to pickup a whole quiche, whole cake, or platters? This location is available for catering order pre-scheduled pickups! When checking out on our catering page (not grab n’go) you can choose “Holland”  as your pickup location.

  • Address

    3497 Holland Rd. Suite 102 Virginia Beach, VA 23452

  • Hours

    7am-2pm Tuesday- Saturday by appointment/scheduled pick up only!

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